The “Group of Seven “ would like to Thank You for your support !!!

We look forward to serving you,and bringing change to our Great Community!

The "Group of Seven"

Welcomes you to our website to explore us as nominee's for the new board for Slopes 2020

Working for YOU and with YOU to build a GREAT future together in the Slopes!!

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Thank you for your consideration, we are excited about the opportunity to Serve our Community together. We represent a very diverse group of Slopes residents, with different backgrounds in all areas and expertise.

We are looking to bring a New Level of healthy Communication and Transparency from a New board to its Membership. We believe that after 20 years of operating, our systems, management processes and governance require updating as they are considerably out of date. We are looking forward to updating the website (making it more user friendly), advancing management systems & processes with the Slopes, updating and adding strong governance, and allowing us to protect our investment and our neighborhood into the foreseeable future.

We look to work with other members in the community that have reached out to us in subcommittees, communication, and ideas, allowing us to work together for a brighter future!


We will advocate for you and put Neighbors First into the Slopes Community!

We are asking you, if you are comfortable, to give us your Vote of Confidence for the “Group of Seven” below:


As you have been given the right for an 8th Vote .... We would respectfully ask you to consider, one of the remaining four that has “not-for-profit experience” as well as “works in the area of LAW in governance” … your choice will be clear! That 8th Vote would be a great complement to the “Group of Seven”!

If you have any further questions, feel free to call any of us or Use the email and the number below:

A great big thank you, goes out to the Team, that has professionally taken pictures, set up the website, and put the marketing information together in very short notice… Please note this was all donated at no cost… Working together for a brighter future!

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Our Mission

  • We believe that every household should have their
    say in maximizing the value of the Slopes Properties and Community.
  • Our Mission is to communicate Effectively To
    the community our policies that are updated as we move Forward.
  • Every household counts in executing our Mission!
  • We should be the best gated community, becoming the standard in Calgary!
  • We believe that the Board can only make good
    decisions when no one around the table can benefit financially directly or indirectly from decisions made at Board meetings.

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Our Agenda

  • Report on financials, provisions and anticipated expenditures in a timely manner, and easier access to information
  • Have access to any Board member with a single click of the mouse, or a phone call.
  • Optimize monthly management practices.
  • Review and update the maintenance shedule and implemet new updated process to the Slopes Community.
  • Remove conflict of interests and have a complete
    Board of volunteers that are not biased or paid.
  • Provide financial reports quarterly.
  • High possibility of reducing monthly fee by optimizing management process.
  • Raise up our property value by facilitating high quality service for the Community, bringing the Slopes reputation back, as a well run, and cared for Community.

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Your Idea

  • Your ideas will always be welcome.
  • Your cares and concerns should be heard and will become our concerns.
  • We will be inclusive and open minded.

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