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List of candidates and their bios:


" I love our Community and the residents that live here!
I have been serving The families of the Slopes for many years,and would love to continue " Leon

Below is the list of my various work and volunteer experience. Please make your Board election decision based on the information below for a position on the Board of the Slopes Home Owners Association (HOA).

While employed by post-secondary education institutions I was asked to serve as construction manager for the innovative structure of Lindsay Park Sport Complex during the construction of the same complex and challenging roof structure. From 1981 till 1986. At which time I returned to my previous position.
28 years of various administrative and teaching experiences in higher education institutions.
Served on numerous committees and various interrelated and independent Boards to enhance and promote industry collaboration for funding of scholarship and bursaries.
Past volunteer, President of Parent Advisory Boards for the various schools attended (elementary, junior and high schools) by my children. (Senator Patrick Burns, Colling Wood school, Saint Francis high school and Bishop Carol)
Served as well as one of the 8 South West Ring Road successful appellants on environmental issues and specifications by Alberta Transport for the section of the South West Calgary Ring road. The specifications of the West Calgary Ring road were altered to the benefit of the Slopes Community. This process involved several years of intense work in collaboration of the City of Calgary, Wentworth Geophysists and environmentalist from Cougar Ridge, West Hills and the Community of Discovery on making presentations and meeting with the minister of Transport (Rick McIver) City councilor Jeff Davison, Alberta Transport engineers and executives and innumerable more.
Directed and organized funding for a variety of schools in Calgary. Volunteer GM for Casino’s for all levels of the Calgary Public and Catholic school districts.
City of Calgary appointed Director for Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s) in the City of Calgary by City Major and City Council.
Board of Director for various funds designated toward Athletic and other scholarships, bursaries and grants for all Calgary based post-secondary institutions. (U of C, Mount Royal University, Ambrosia University, Saint Mary’s University etc.) and the Sport school at COP.
Director of the Calgary Booster Club (CBC) originators of the successful 1988 Winter Olympics and supporter of modern day pre-Olympic athletes. This organization left a legacy that to this day operates and owns after more than 32 years many sport facilities build from 88 Olympic games profit. Not surpassed or duplicated anywhere in the World and these facilities are maintained by operating funds, various grants at no cost to the City of Calgary residence.
Appointed and one of two Designated Volunteers to liaise with the Municipal Land Corporation for the development and design of the new Sports Area for the Flames Hockey Organization on behalf of the Calgary Booster Club.
Past Director and volunteer of three separate Energy Conservation societies that encourage the use and development of alternative energy. Volunteered (with Manoj Sharma and Raj Retnanandan) in the elaborate submission to the Alberta Government for the proposal to make the Slopes an offsetting energy community.
Past Board member of the Calgary Ski Meisters ski club. 1993 till 2001.
Designer and Builder of our own very energy efficient home (double walls, R60 walls and R80 ceiling) in the Slopes Community.
Past President and Board of Directors member of the Slopes Community Association. (HOA)
I have served on the ENMAX / AUC successful powerline relocation hearings committee in which my contribution to the relocation issue was used in the final arguments/hearings by our lawyer Nancy McKenzie.
Enthusiastic Slopes gardener. Proud Slopes resident and promoter of community pride and awareness.


" I believe that this is one of the nicest, most beautiful Communities in Calgary! Filled with amazing families and friends.
I know and have worked with all seven of the nominees we are asking you to vote for… I truly believe in my heart that each and everyone of these people have the Community First in mind, And bring a very strong set of skills to the board." Steve

My name is Steve Casey, I have been a resident of the Slopes for almost 12 years. My wife and I have seven kids… Six natural and one adopted from Haiti.
I know pretty much everybody in the Slopes including the owners of the vacant lots… I have spent significant time getting to know everyone and their cares and concerns within the Slopes.
I own nine different companies, and in business for over 30 years. Specializing in Calgary, anything from Real Estate, Management, Motorsports , Environmental, Construction, development and more … I would say my biggest gift mix is Organization of Systems and Controls… Operating nine companies, balancing budgets and financials, finding more efficient ways to deliver and saving money…All of these tools can be applied to serving on the board with the Slopes.
Thank you for your consideration!
Steve Casey President of The Legacy Group of Companies Inc.


" I am a great team player as well as an independent thinker,I look forward to working together and building a new stronger community! " Tamara

My name is Tamara Heppner and I am a mom to 3 noisy but adorable boys and wife to a ruggedly handsome teacher/math tutor.
I am excited to let my name be on the ballot for a position to serve our great, thriving community.
I have over a decade of experience in customer service and just under a decade of experience in community service. In that experience, I have had the privilege of educating children with disabilities and serving and empowering the homeless to make a better life for themselves.
I am a strong believer in the power of unity in a cohesive vision along with positive thinking in the workplace. Along with those values, I am energetic and resourceful and would like to represent all the people of the Slopes on the Board.
Thank You for your consideration.


" Financial integrity and transparancy is key to the future of a great board and community, join us, together we can make it all come together! " Rob

For those of you I haven’t yet met, I have three sons and two dogs. My partner Laura and I love The Slopes for its quiet sophisticated country elegance in the middle of a busy world class city.
The Slopes is such a unique and special place that I want to dedicate myself to preserving and enhancing our community.
In my spare time you will find me walking the dogs along the trails at the top of the hill or trying to improve my golf swing down at the Pinebrook driving range.
My perspective is as an unbiased open-minded new member of the community since Dec. 2018. If elected,I promise to help to "get to the bottom" of the controversies plaguing our community, to restore good governance and transparency.
I have considerable board experience, both corporately and in the not-for-profit sector. I have extensive financial expertise and have chaired a number of corporate audit committees and dealt extensively with "the big four" audit firms.


" We have a good past, let's make a great future!.Experience matters, experience saves time and money, join with us today! " Manoj

I believe in honesty, accountability, fairness, transparency and ethical behavior.
I am a former Board member of Slopes community association and worked with the WCRR & Enmax committee. 2017-2019 Intervener and active participant in Enmax powerline relocation on highway 8 as well as 101 street application. 2018-2020.
VP & former board member of non profit yyccares 2016-2018.
Founding member and former board member of Element-GP.
Intervener in application to Environmental Appeals Board of Alberta for saving wetlands including the Beaver pondduring construction of SWCRR 2017-2018.
Slopes representative & Participant in collective committee of Springbank-Hill & Discovery to meet personally with Alberta Transport Minister Hon. Minister Rick Mclver to highlight the concerns arising from the construction of WCRR. This was achieved with the help of other board members as well as many residents of Slopes. 2019.
Successfully lobbying Alberta Transport to avoid clear cutting of trees along the WCRR DB2 South portion along 101 street and save as many trees as possible and getting a commitment to replant more trees under reclamation guidelines. 2019-2020.
I commit to volunteer my time on Slopes board to serve the community with the highest level of values, principles and professionalism as well as open and timely communication. I continually seek for feedback & input from community members and my fellow board members to improve my role and responsibility as a productive Board member.
I ask for your vote & support for our team.


" I am your south gate guard and protector.I am strong, bold and have a lot of experience in the area's we need to clean up.We are looking forward to the challenge! " Alin

I am a Professional Engineer experienced in leading large groups of engineers. In my profession I have been bound by strong codes of Ethics and highest standards of professional conduct. We moved in The Slopes in 2009 with my wife and our two daughters.
I am confident that I can assist as a new member of The Slopes board of Directors for the 2020-2022 term at a time when I think it is critical for our community to move forward with a number of priorities required for a more modern governance of The Slopes.
I am a passionate and energetic individual, proud to be a resident of The Slopes. As a new member of the board I promise I will continue to keep the best of the community at heart and make sure to be transparent and humble in my service.
We shall never forget we are elected to serve the community and hence each and every member of our community.
Thank you for your trust


" Relationships are very important to us, being strong at the right time is key. Now is the time and place. Strength through relationships will build a better Community!" Amin

I’m owner of a consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in different industries specially Oil&Gas and IT.
I believe, in this critical moment of the world specially with Covid-19 effect ,we need to have the highest professional to run our board.
I believe in equity and ethic of law as P.Eng and my main motivation to run for board is to bring a financial transparency process for running our community.
I believe we must take care of our community by managing it more efficiently.
As resident of the Slopes since 2013 I believe by adjusting our monthly payment and providing an accessible information about the community management to the outside world, we can keep our property value to the highest in West Calgary.
Thanks for your voting